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Welcome to L.N. Technocast Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile

While the Indian Cast Iron industry is still experiencing an Era of growth. We continue its 35 years quest and mission for Technological excellence and innovation.

Lt. Mr. Laljibhai Patel was the pioneer of the company who had great experience in the field of manufacturing of 35 years. With his great efforts and high experience, the company grew into a giant Cast Iron manufacturing company.

The Cast Iron industry is undergoing technological innovation, So is our manufacturing expertise we have made dynamic Efforts, and continuously endeavor to confront the technological Challenges of 21st century. Our strategy is also to explore new Fields where we can capitalize our advanced casting technology And high precision processing skills.

Our product line includes castings produced in most common Ferrous alloys (cast steel, manganese steel, cast iron, ductile-Iron, etc).

LN Technocast will do everything to earn a reputation for fast deliveries, superior Quality, competitiv pricing, and outstanding customer service. LN Technocast Foundry has the unique ability to deliver orders.

LN Technocast is financially sound and capable of carrying out it's various Developmental projects. This ensures our clients of stable, Reliable supplier. You can put your confidence in this Unquestionable value which gives true meaning to the word "Partnership".

We have been making cast iron in our parent company foundry for decades. In Our parent company Cast And Blower co. (Guj.) Pvt. Ltd. cast iron foundry is working on ISO 9001-2000. LN Technocast unique capability to cast malleable, ductile and grey iron Ferrous alloys as well as non-ferrous alloys allows us to Produce quality castings for a large variety of markets.
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